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Archmere Academy's Mission Statement

Archmere Academy is a Catholic, Norbertine college preparatory school, valuing community, respect, zeal, reverence and wisdom. Nurturing body and soul, mind and heart, Archmere focuses on the whole person through academic excellence, faith reflection, social development and service to others. Inspired by its heritage, Archmere cultivates empathetic leaders - young men and women prepared for every good work.

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Literary Reference Center
GALE In Context: High School
GALE In Context: Opposing Viewpoints

What's the Dewey Decimal System?


Welcome to the Archmere Academy Library site! I am Mrs. Bellace (she/her), your friendly, neighborhood librarian. This site is meant to act as a portal into our library holdings - using the Follett Destiny Online Library Catalog search, you can see if we have the book you need, if it's available, and what the call number is so you can find it when you stop by.

This site is also meant as an information hub for you during your four years at Archmere Academy. It's meant to help you with research; find unbiased world news sources; and access free databases, journals, and other information sources. I believe as your librarian it is my job to not only curate books for the library, but information for you!

If you ever need help with anything - navigating a database, searching effectively on Google, or finding a book in our stacks, don't hesitate to ask!

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